Probiotics in Nancy’s

Tiny heroes, big impact.

Not all probiotics are created equal. Which is why we have selected strains that are clinically documented. We’ve carefully chosen a broad range of probiotic strains to help create a lineup that may help support your immune and digestive health.

We all need a little back up now and then and BB-12® is just the sort of friend you want around when things get dicey… This is the go-to bacteria that may support the normal function of the immune system and aid digestion.


It all started with L. acidophilus, the first probiotic used in Nancy’s original recipe in 1970. This bacteria is a builder, and when combined with BB-12® may help support the re-balance of good gut flora.


Not much fazes the mighty L. casei. This bacteria can survive the toughest of environments, and may aid overall digestion.

This beneficial bacteria fights for you and may help stimulate the normal function of the immune system.


The two cultures commonly found in most yogurts, S. Thermophilus and L. Bulgaricus also play their part—forming the creamy thickness and flavor of Nancy’s Yogurt. We don’t use gelatins, gums, or thickeners—our two yogurt cultures do all the work for us. Just like authentic yogurt should be!