Our Sustainability Story

before it was cool!

We’re mindful that every product we create, each ingredient we use, and every choice we make is a thoughtful choice—for our customers, our community, and the planet.

We’ve supported sustainable farming for decades, and many of our suppliers are local longtime partners and friends.

A 63.5 kW solar electric system provides a portion of the power for our creamery—yes, the sun DOES shine in Oregon!

Since installing solar in 2008, we’ve generated some pretty impressive energy saving stats. Check it out HERE.

And our durable BPA-free containers—fondly known as Nancysware—are reusable in all sorts of ways. From popcorn tubs and planters, to birdhouses and art-supply storage—environmentally minded Nancy’s fans have inspired us with creative re-uses for our containers from the beginning.

Does Nancysware live a helpful second-life around your kitchen, shed, studio, school, or workspace? Let us know!

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We look for little ways to reduce our impact every day, from energy-efficient lighting throughout our creamery to a conscious materials recycling program. SIGN UP to get information about our local Nancy’s Recycling Round-Up events held in Eugene, Oregon.