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A yogurt born deep in the time of counter culture, made by a determined and creative family, who loves bringing together good friends, great music, and healthy food…all leads to some tales to tell – check them out here!


How the Grateful Dead saved the Springfield Creamery

KOIN April 17, 2024 

When Chuck and Sue Kesey began the Springfield Creamery in the 1960s, growth was a bit sporadic. When they really hit tough times in 1972, Chuck turned to his brother to help…READ OR WATCH HERE


Springfield Creamery’s ‘good origin story’ in Eugene

KOIN April 3, 2024 

Sue and Chuck Kesey first opened the Springfield Creamery in 1960 when they were newlyweds fresh out of Oregon State University. Now Sheryl Kesey Thompson is proud to help run the business. “It’s a good origin story,” she said…READ OR WATCH HERE


What Are Probiotics, Exactly?

The Takeout March 13, 2024

As I pondered a mid-morning snack recently, the yogurt stared at me, as it always does, from the fridge. “Eat me!” it seemed to implore. “I’m full of liiiiiive culllltuuuuures.” Sometimes yogurt really hits the spot, and sometimes I’m a little freaked out by it. But no matter where my cravings take me, the yogurt label always blares that it’s full of probiotics—whatever that means….READ HERE


Nancy’s Organic Yogurt Pouches Land on Whole Foods Market Shelves Nationwide

Nosh January 23, 2024

Springfield Creamery, the maker of Nancy’s Probiotic Foods, announced the launch of its first-ever line of Organic Whole Milk Yogurt Pouches. Starting this month, the pouches will be available exclusively at select Whole Foods Market stores nationwide through April, then will expand to other retailers…READ OR LISTEN HERE


Nancy’s Probiotic Foods Announces Single Serve Oatmilk Yogurt, Now in Paper-based Cups

Nosh September 6, 2023

Springfield Creamery, the maker of Nancy’s Probiotic Foods, recently launched a line of new sustainably-sourced paper-based yogurt cups for their single serve plant-based Oatmilk Non-Dairy Yogurts in five delicious flavors. The new 5.3-ounce paper cups are sourced from sustainably managed forests – and will reduce the company’s plastic use by 78% per cup…READ OR LISTEN HERE


Why Is Cottage Cheese Trending Again? The Genius Hack Behind the Spike

Allrecipes March, 17 2023

Cottage cheese has long been associated with retro food fads and relegated to the sphere of jello salads, canned fruit, and bright red maraschino cherries. But now, seemingly out of nowhere, it’s having a resurgence. Bowl after bowl of the thick, cultured cheese float across my ‘For You’ page and Instagram feed. I reached out to a few companies to see if they had noticed it, too…READ ARTICLE


August 27, 1972: The day the Grateful Dead saved Springfield Creamery

KLCC August 26, 2022

In August of 1972, the Springfield Creamery hit a financial rough patch. Owners Chuck and Sue Kesey had been in business for more than a decade and just introduced a new probiotic product called Nancy’s Yogurt. But debts and back taxes threatened to shut them down…READ AND LISTEN HERE


Grateful Dead’s 1972 Oregon concert saved Kesey family dairy, became counterculture legend

The Oregonian August 21, 2022

The free yogurt didn’t last long. Chuck and Sue Kesey expected about 5,000 people to show up for the benefit concert they hoped would save their small, Oregon dairy. No one knows for sure how many music fans ended up at the big open field in Veneta 50 years ago this week, but this much is certain: it was a whole lot more than 5,000…READ ARTICLE


Sunshine Daydream: Veneta, 8/27/72

The Good Ol’ Grateful Deadcast August, 2022

The Deadcast explores the backdrop for one the Grateful Dead’s most extraordinary shows, saving the Springfield Creamery at an off-the-grid potluck picnic amid Merry Pranksters, colorful commune dwellers, & innovative yogurt pioneers during the heady summer of 1972…LISTEN TO PART 1 HERE and LISTEN TO PART 2 HERE


Best Probiotic Foods and Drinks You Can Buy to Heal Your Gut

Men’s Journal July, 2022

Bacteria has long been mislabeled the enemy—villainous invaders that should be avoided at all costs, only to cause you to get sick if encountered. But, as science has evolved, we’ve realized that not all bacteria are bad; some are actually beneficial for you…READ FULL ARTICLE


9 Notable New Food CPG Brand Refreshes

Nosh July 6, 2022

Springfield Creamery, the maker of Nancy’s Probiotic Foods, debuted changes both inside and outside the carton of its Oatmilk Non-Dairy Yogurt. The reformulated non-dairy probiotic yogurts are available in Plain, Vanilla, Blueberry, Passionfruit Banana and Strawberry Hibiscus varieties…READ FULL ARTICLE


Nancy’s Probiotic Foods Launches New Recipe and New Look for Oatmilk Non-Dairy Yogurt July 6, 2022

Springfield Creamery, the maker of Nancy’s Probiotic Foods, will offer a newly reformulated version of its popular Oatmilk Non-Dairy Yogurt with a mid-August 2022 launch. This new recipe for the non-dairy probiotic yogurt is creamier and richer than ever…READ FULL STORY


Cottage Cheese Is Cool Again and Better Than Ever—and We've Got the Recipes to Prove It June 20, 2022

Sheryl Kesey Thompson’s mom always said that if you do something long enough, it’ll come back around. While we’d be happy to say goodbye to Jell-O salads forever, it seems like mom was right when it comes to cottage cheese…READ FULL STORY


Chef Cathy Whims of Nostrana makes panna cotta using Oregon-made yogurt

KOIN 6 News May 26, 2022

Cathy Whims, chef and owner of Nostrana, and a six-time James Beard Award finalist, joined AM Extra live from Italy! She’s blending worldly recipes with fresh local ingredients from Eugene-based Nancy’s Probiotic Foods…VIEW STORY & RECIPE


Substitute for Yogurt in Smoothies (Top 15 Alternatives)

Luv Me Kitchen May 15, 2022

Yogurt is one of my favourite ingredients for smoothies. However, I am aware that not everybody has the same taste, so if you are looking for a substitute for yogurt in smoothies, we have some great suggestions below. Hopefully our suggestions will help you figure out how to make a smoothie without yogurt…READ FULL ARTICLE


Meet The Probiotic Pioneers Behind Nancy’s Yogurt

Forbes April 28, 2022

When Chuck and Sue Kesey launched the iconic brand in 1970, they helped start a cultural revolution. Here’s their story, an inspiring tale that includes collaborations with chefs and an appearance by The Grateful Dead…READ FULL STORY


Springfield Creamery hosts recycling event

KVAL April 24, 2022

One local creamery is urging the community to go green. On Sunday, the Springfield Creamery held the “Nancy’s Recycling Roundup” to collect old lids and containers to be reused into other materials. In celebration of Earth Week, Nancy’s Probiotic Foods is collecting lids and containers to be repurposed into new park benches and flowerpots for the community…READ FULL STORY


Run Oregon Test Kitchen: Nancy’s Oatmilk Yogurt Parfait with Lemon Curd

Run Oregon April 8, 2022

Mother’s Day is coming up (one month from today) and we KNOW you can do better than burning some toast or providing some soggy cereal to the mom in your life. You’re better than that! Nancy’s Yogurt knows you can do better and this parfait recipe is sure to hit the spot…READ FULL STORY & RECIPE


Breakfast-in-Bed Recipes for Mother’s Day from Nancy's

PDX Food Press February 24, 2022

As partners and kids prepare to spoil mom for Mother’s Day, Nancy’s is here to help little hands create some delicious dishes to serve mom in bed on Sunday, May 8. We even tapped Portland, Oregon-based restaurant owner and award-winning celebrity chef Cathy Whims to create a recipe for the most aspiring young chefs…READ FULL STORY


KLCC's Oregon Rainmakers: Blake Thompson

KLCC February 23, 2022

On this edition of Oregon Rainmakers, we talk with Blake Thompson, the chief innovation officer at Springfield Creamery. Springfield Creamery makes one of the most well-known products to come out of the region – Nancy’s Yogurt…READ FULL DESCRIPTION & LISTEN HERE


Springfield Creamery Celebrates 60 Years of "Culture"

KLCC February 18, 2021

Springfield Creamery just celebrated 60 years in business. The maker of Nancy’s Probiotic Foods was founded by Sue and Chuck Kesey in 1960…READ FULL ARTICLE & LISTEN HERE


Springfield Creamery Names New Chief Financial Officer, Co-Founder Sue Kesey to Assume CEO Role

Nosh November 18, 2020

Springfield Creamery, probiotic food innovators and makers of Nancy’s Probiotic Foods, is pleased to announce the promotion of Ed Regnier to Chief Financial Officer…READ FULL STORY


Nancy and a Billion Probiotics - The Kesey Family, The Grateful Dead, and Live Yogurt

Eugene Magazine 2010

The story of the Springfield Creamery is unlike any other. It starts in 1960, just after Chuck and Sue Kesey graduated from Oregon State University, married, and returned home to launch a family business…READ FULL STORY


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