Our Process


When milk becomes yogurt.

And it all starts simply, with fresh milk and live cultures.

We pasteurize our fresh milk first—ensuring the live cultures are alive and ready to do their job. We then carefully nurture the beneficial bacteria, creating the perfect environment for them to grow, thrive, and multiply to the optimal levels for your good health.

The live cultures consume the milk’s naturally occurring lactose (or milk sugar), which transforms the fluid milk into Nancy’s signature richness.

The magic of live cultures means we never use thickeners or gelatins—our cultures do the work! That’s what we mean when we say fully cultured.

How do we know when our yogurt is ready? We ask Chuck! Our creamery co-founder still checks yogurt personally (nearly every night since 1970!) to make sure the flavor, consistency, probiotic growth, and balance is just right. (And to sneak a taste, of course!)