The People Behind Nancy’s

Real people, making authentic food.

Our products reflect who we are—a family business with a strong focus on health and a long history of making real food the right way. It’s the only way we know how!

Our family still runs Springfield Creamery, just as we have since 1960. Three generations of Keseys work together every day in roles that span the business, from steering the ship to taste testing—operations, sourcing, marketing, and everything in between.

Nancy’s employees are masters of their craft, dedicated to making healthy food we can all be proud to serve our families.

It’s not unusual to find folks at the creamery who’ve been with us for 25+ years.

We work with vendors we’ve known and trusted for years. We think they’d all agree: Making yogurt is truly a community effort.

Just like our original recipes, we’ve had customers who’ve been with us from the beginning.

That’s always included people who use Nancy’s in their traditional ethnic dishes. We often hear about how our authentic Yogurt, Sour Cream, Cream Cheese, and Cottage Cheese remind folks of food from their homeland. We’re honored to help spark such fond memories!