Our Ingredients

Real food, for real.

Living a healthier lifestyle is easier with food made from real ingredients.


Our milk comes from right here in Oregon, made with care by farmers who share our love for their cows and the fresh, healthy milk they produce.

We’re fortunate to receive milk from local family farms we’ve known for years and trust like neighbors. The farms we work with are small—no big factory farms for us!

Our farmers pledge to never use the artificial growth hormone rBGH/rBST, and our milk is always free of herbicides, pesticides, and any trace of antibiotics.


Better for our health, better for our food, and better tasting—nothing beats real fruit!

It’s why we only use real strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and other fruit in Nancy’s products. You can taste the difference. Real fruit, sourced as locally as possible—some just minutes from our creamery.

But beyond authentic taste, the skin and seeds from real fruit in Nancy’s brings additional health benefits to the table—including vitamins, minerals, and fiber.


The taste of real fruit is distinctly delicious—so why mess with it?

We never over-sweeten our products, because we want you to taste the real ingredients that make Nancy’s so uniquely delicious! It’s how yogurt and kefir should taste.

We carefully sweeten our fruit just a touch, so the real flavor comes through. And we only use pure honey, maple syrup, white grape juice, or organic cane sugar.


There’s no such as thing as artificial health, so why use artificial ingredients?

We make Nancy’s the old-fashioned way – never with unpronounceable ingredients.