Self-Care & Mental Health

Welcoming Spring – Mind, Body, and Home

Some of us stepped into winter with a lot on our minds and a few tasks undone. So, if you’re coming out of hibernation to find your digestion is off and your kitchen is cluttered, it’s okay. Nature knows her course, and spring is the perfect time to find balance and get organized.

The spring equinox is a celebration of an equally balanced day and night. It’s also an opportunity for new beginnings. On March 20th, we’ll collect our thoughts and align our intentions with nature. We’ll also tend to our digestive and immune health as we tidy up and invite the outside in. Ready to welcome spring? Read on, we’ll wake up together.



PANTRY PORRIDGEAt our house, the kitchen is central and the most important room to keep organized. It’s not only where we meet to prepare and share our meals, but also where we discuss our lives and plan our days. A good supply of seasonal and nutritious foods is essential – so is cleanliness, order, and a sense of calm.

Start your spring cleaning by clearing out the pantry. Check expiration dates and notice the foods you haven’t eaten. What are the reasons? Maybe it doesn’t taste the way you hoped, or it’s not quite right to use in your go-to recipes. Whatever the reason, you may choose to use your grocery budget differently next time. Are you more of a recipe cook than an adventurous one? Our recipe for Pantry Porridge is great for using all those trendy and beneficial grains you collected over the winter. And who knows, it might be your next favorite breakfast!

While the cupboards are empty, clean and disinfect them using soft cloths and natural solutions that are clean enough to eat – after all, this is the kitchen. We use liquid castile soap and water for most surfaces, and a simple one-to-one vinegar and water solution for glass. To organize, invest in sustainable storage solutions like beeswax food wraps and whenever possible, reuse that “Nancysware!”

As you restock the kitchen and pantry, consider your timeline for cooking, and choose fresh, dried, and frozen foods in good proportion. Stock up on ingredients that will nourish and help you stay well as the seasons change, including local produce and Nancy’s Probiotic Foods.

Finally, open the windows and doors! Breathe deeply. Introduce inside plants to outside air. Collect signs of new growth and set them in the window to inspire you as they root in the sun.



Now, about digestion. A good kitchen refresh creates efficiency and reduces stress at home, which helps a lot. But it’s also important to eat well with the gut in mind. Foods that are rich in live probiotics can go a long way to re-balance your digestion and give your whole body a sense of renewal.

Nancy’s products have billions of live probiotics per serving to support a productive microbiome and your overall health. With every spoonful, clinically documented strains work to replenish good gut flora and support a strong immune response.



Over the winter, our intentions were set on staying well at home or safely socializing by bundling up and shivering as we gathered outside. Now, as the weather warms up, we can shed a layer or two, embrace nature and connect with others in ways that are healthy, genuine, and a little more comfortable.

What’s the natural direction you’ll take in honor of the spring equinox? How will you connect with others and celebrate warmer weather while you nourish yourselves to grow healthy and well?

We hope you’ll enjoy some good food in your beautiful space this spring! Set your intentions to be well, and keep good company, always.

❤️ – The Kesey Family & all the folks at Springfield Creamery