Power of Probiotics

The Benefits of those Billions of Live Probiotics

Our family has always kept an eye on the horizon to be sure the work we’re doing today will lead to a healthy future together. With so much recent change, it’s reassuring to know that Nancy’s Probiotic Foods are still nourishing communities while helping with building immunity, supporting digestion and lifting spirits as they have since 1970. Here and now, these essential time-honored recipes are helping us all stay in the fight.

To better understand why our humble yogurt has been a trusted staple in homes and and my doctors for generations, consider a balanced microbiome (your body’s natural ecosystem) as a basis for health and wellness. The broad range of beneficial strains in Nancy’s gives your body the high counts of live probiotics it needs to thrive.


An immune system is your body’s defense against the bad bacteria you encounter in the environment and a balanced microbiome helps boost the count and activity of your immune cells. Eating foods with beneficial probiotics supports the maintenance and restoration of your microbiome, which may decrease the incidence or severity of infections. For example, clinical studies have shown that the bifidobacterium, BB-12® strain in Nancy’s products helpd to enhance immune response and helps to reduce respiratory tract challenges. With so much information coming your way, this is definitely news you can use.

You’re likely dealing with new demands for time and energy and fortunately, a commitment to maintain your immune health doesn’t have to mean adding more complexity to your life. You can easily provide your body the daily support it needs by including a serving of Nancy’s with breakfast, like a simple Oatmilk Non-dairy Yogurt Bowl with Muesli and Berries. High in live beneficial probiotics, plant-based protein, fiber and antioxidants, this batch-able breakfast can help you toward stronger immunity and better overall health. Not to mention, adding a sense of normalcy with a new morning routine is another way to care for yourself and your family during a transitional time.


Naturally present, gut microbiota are critical to digestion. They’re also susceptible to imbalance. While uncomfortable abdominal symptoms aren’t at all uncommon, they can be triggered by stressful events and may indicate a functional gastrointestinal disorder like Irritable Bowel Syndrome. In these cases, a loss of microbial density and diversity is often behind the symptoms. By regularly eating more live beneficial probiotics like the clinically documented strains in Nancy’s, balance in the gut can be move toward being restored to support both immune and digestive health.


A gut feeling is usually right, and just as you suspected, it’s often your body’s way of acknowledging emotional distress. The connection between the gastrointestinal tract and the central nervous system is known as the gut-brain axis, and it’s been a significant topic of interest in recent years. Studies have brought to light the important relationship between the gut microbiome and mental health. Because people with depression and anxiety have fewer gut microbiota to help with mood regulation, we know that foods with live beneficial probiotics help work to address mood-related symptoms as they restore balance in the gut.

Does all of this knowledge seem like a lot to digest? There’s probably something to be said for lifting your spirits the old-fashioned way – with chocolate. While the matters at hand may not level out right away, our no-bake recipe for Vanilla Cheesecake with Hazelnuts and Chocolate Ganache is nutritious, scrumptious and guaranteed to lend a smile as it gets to work on a gut level. Take a break for a just moment and treat yourself.

A lot of folks know that Nancy’s yogurt is delicious to eat by the spoonful or helpful when adding creaminess to recipes. Many more, including medical professionals know that the billions of live beneficial probiotics in Nancy’s help to restore and maintain a healthier way of life. Like always, Nancy’s Probiotic Foods will see us through to enjoy good health in times ahead. More than ever, they can bolster us as we take good care of each other and stand for what we believe in.

Stay healthy, be well, and stay in touch.

❤️ – The Kesey Family & all the folks at Springfield Creamery