Self-Care & Mental Health

Sweet and Simple Ways to Share Your Love this Valentine’s Day

Showing up for ourselves isn’t always easy. Some days, the first challenge is smiling back in the mirror before turning to care for others. The simple truth is, love in its purest expression is self-love, shared. This Valentine’s Day, start with yourself, then share the love with your sweetheart, family, friends, and community. Below are simple tips to help you practice self-love and pass along the rewards.



It’s helpful to think of self-love in terms of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. From there, you can prioritize activities that support each element.


As we all know, feel-good nutrition and mindful movement are important for physical and mental health. Fortunately, one drives the other. To start, fuel your next workout, walk or yoga practice with a bowl of Oatmilk Non-Diary Yogurt and a scoop of homemade Muesli. A simple snack like this one has plant-based protein to promote muscle strength, plus billions of live probiotics to help restore gut balance, support immune health and boost brain function. Think of it as an easy and delicious way to get moving.

For some, emotional and spiritual wellness can be harder to break into. Allowing a few minutes each day to do something creative can allow expression, build empathy, and help turn thoughts into ideas. Cooking, writing, and sketching are all perfect activities, even if you’ve never held a saucepan or a pencil before. You’ll see, some of the most beautiful and constructive ideas begin with humility.



Close relationships are complicated whether you’re single, coupled or coupled with kids. Where are you getting stuck when sharing love with your partner and family members? For many of us, it’s a matter ofseparating loving compassion from a sense of duty. Day after day, we can fall into a mode for simply getting things done, including tending to our relationships. SPRING FRITTATA WITH COTTAGE CHEESE, LEEKS, AND WILD MUSHROOMSSTRAWBERRY CREAM CHEESE SWEETHEART PIESOnce you have a strong self-love practice in place, you’ll have the tools you need for more heart-felt connection. Feeling strong and genuine, you’re more likely to be physically and mentally present and better able to meet loved ones with kindness and empathy.

Sharing creativity is always quality time. For something a little special, why not cook together? Nourish each other with a Valentine’s Day brunch like Frittata with Leeks and Wild Mushrooms made with Nancy’s Organic Cottage Cheese, or whip up something sweet and full of love, like these Strawberry Cream Cheese Sweetheart Pies.



Volunteering might feel like a leap into the unknown during times like these, but in our experience, engaging with the community in a safe and supportive way bolsters individual confidence, strengthens relationships, and builds collective resilience. No matter how you and your family get involved, you can’t help bringing positive energy back home with you.

Nancy’s Recycling Round-Up is a community event that lets our family and employees share love while volunteering together. As part of our community recycling program in Eugene, Oregon, we collect empty Nancy’s containers to be re-ground and made into park benches, flowerpots, and playground equipment. In just a few years, we’ve collected over 30,000 pounds of containers from our friends and neighbors! If you’d like to join us, sign up to receive emailed updates on future events. We’d be happy to collect your Nancy’s containers and help you share more love with others.

By reading this, you’ve already taken a step toward self-care. As these thoughts resonate with you, try sharing them with someone you love. Nourish yourselves with creativity and something good to eat, then pass a kindness or a snack to your neighbor. It’s that easy! From there, anything is possible.


In wellness and with lots of love, we hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day!

❤️ – The Kesey Family & all the folks at Springfield Creamery