Self-Care & Mental Health

Summer’s Here – Step into the Sun and Re-Launch Your Life

We’ve all had a lot on our minds over the last 18 months and until very recently many of us were only storing thoughts about staying healthy in the moment. Now that the clouds are parting and daydreaming is possible, you’re probably imagining a future with some summer fun – just as soon as we can feel comfortable engaging with the world again. To help rebuild our confidence and reinforce your immune health, we’re excited to share tips for getting out, entertaining and preparing seasonal recipes so you can enjoy more time with others while the sun is warm.



What’s standing between you and summer fun? If you’ve been feeling a little sluggish and self-conscious, get going again with backyard yoga or an early morning walk. Put some shorts on! Feel the sun on your skin and just notice your body’s ability to move freely and effectively. Once you’re out and about, let your thoughts expand beyond the walls of home and the sidewalks of your neighborhood. What would you really like to see and experience this summer?

In Oregon, the temperatures are already rising. It’s a good idea to plan ahead, beat the heat and make the most of longer days. Prevent worry and free your mind by addressing your schedule now and make reservations just as soon as you settle on a destination. Staying local this summer? Pick up a weekly newspaper and check out your community’s lineup of outdoor events. Fill up your water bottles and check COVID protocols before you go (you know what they say, always be prepared).

If socializing still feels a little weird to you, you’re not alone – what’s small talk again? Start by checking in with extended family, old friends and coworkers (many of us at the Creamery have never seen each other’s faces without masks – we’re looking forward to socializing more and seeing each other’s smiling faces). Try making plans to gather at a nearby park or pack up and skip town together!



Hopefully, Nancy’s has nourished you well over the past year. Now it can fuel you for summer fun! You can carry out your plans with vital energy, resilience and confidence because the broad range of beneficial strains in Nancy’s give your body the live probiotics it needs to help restore gut balance, bolster immunity and address mood-related symptoms.



This may be the perfect time to make significant shifts and improve your overall health. In addition to getting exercise and connecting with more people, you can establish better eating habits by combining some of the wholesome foods you have on hand with seasonal produce, either from your own garden or the local farmer’s market. Nancy’s Probiotic Foods can bring these elements together in a lot of delicious ways, and a few of our essential summer recipes may inspire you to get cooking.


Chili Lime Yogurt:

Transcend your surroundings with a simple snack for one! Topped with Thai peanuts, crispy basil and a citrus twist, this recipe for Chili Lime Yogurt can restore a sense of delight when combined with a few deliciously complex flavors.

Roasted Cross Cut Zucchini with Creamy Pesto:

If you planted zucchini earlier this year, you’ll probably have more than you know what to do with soon. This refreshing summer salad has deep flavor and some really good crunch. Drizzled with a bright yogurt-based dressing, it’s easy to make and share.

Yogurt with Phyllo and Fresh Berries:

Crisped phyllo pastry is a simple thing, but it can make a beneficial serving of Nancy’s yogurt even more extraordinary. Get creative with summer berries and their natural juices by making a beautiful dessert with billions of probiotics to help balance your gut bacteria and boost your confidence in the kitchen.

With a few more ideas for maintaining your health and building new social habits, step out safely and turn those daydreams into fun in the sun. We all need some company, and Nancy’s products are always supportive. Let’s transition into summer with shared optimism and renewed confidence. Come on, we’ll do this together!

With love,

❤️ – The Kesey Family & all the folks at Springfield Creamery