Self-Care & Mental Health

Step Toward Wellness

We haven’t rushed into our resolutions, so we’re settling in, taking our time to consider how this year might be different and how we’d like to improve our daily lives, including health and wellness. It’s time for some healing and that doesn’t always happen under pressure. Goals feel more approachable when compassion and self-care are part of the vision.

Committing to an ideal outcome can create anxiety and divert the energy you need to carry out your intentions. Avoiding that is a challenge in itself! To help, we’re inviting you to walk (not run) into the New Year. No matter what your resolutions are, the tips we’ve gathered here are going to get you there, one step at a time.



At some point you might ask yourself, “why am I doing this?” Uncovering a touchstone works to bring you back to the vision. To find yours, answer this key question:

How does actively working toward my goal improve the quality of my life and my sense of wellbeing?

There’s no need to put off feeling good until the end goal is reached. Diligence should pay off as you go! Once you tap into the way your new habits make you feel, you’ll find the motivation you need to keep going.

CHOPPED BROCCOLI SALAD WITH COTTAGE CHEESE AND QUINOAIn the meantime, snack some feel-good fuel. We love tossing nutritious veggies with a bright vinaigrette and adding Nancy’s Organic Cottage Cheese. Our favorite chopped salad has all the good guys, plus nutty quinoa. And thanks to a broad range of beneficial strains, the live probiotics can help restore gut balance, support immune health, and even boost your mood.



ON THE GO HEALTHY MUFFINNew habits are a fine idea, but how do you set them in place? One thing leads to another, and small successes are everything. Building a foundation for your goals begins with a daily practice. Each time you do the work, simply reach for your touchstone, reconnect to the vision, and set your schedule for the following day.

As always, the way you fuel your body is important for the work you do externally. Food needs to be healthy and satisfying, but when you’re moving toward a goal, it can’t be complicated. Batching a simple breakfast recipe like On the Go Healthy Muffins can really help as you get into a new routine.



Goals are important, and so are friendships! We find, one usually helps the other. Meet a buddy for a good walk and a talk. Get some energy flowing while you catch up and find the goals you have in common. Like your touchstone, friendships are a healthy compliment to your practice. You can share inspiration, relate, and collaborate.

SNACK BOARD WITH GARLIC & HERB CREAM CHEESE SPREADLots of healthy habits begin with friends. Hungry? Stick around post-walk and load up on live probiotics with a fabulous snack board featuring seasonal dippers and Nancy’s Organic Garlic and Herb Cream Cheese.



This year’s approach to self-improvement, health and wellness is about taking it easy while you do some pretty difficult work. We can do hard things and expect a few small setbacks. But we don’t have to sacrifice simple pleasures. With every step, we can check in and return to the vision, rewarding ourselves along the way.

VANILLA NONFAT YOGURT WITH DARK CHOCOLATE CHUNK GRANOLA AND WARM CHERRY COMPOTEFind a moment to honor your efforts with a sweet/tart dessert, like a simple warm cherry compote over Nancy’s Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt. Top it off with homemade dark chocolate granola and… that’s right, take your time.

It hasn’t been easy, but we made it through another big year! We’re encouraged and grateful for a fresh start. With patience, daily practice, good food and great friends, we’re feeling better already. We hope you are too! Thank you for sharing the journey toward positive change.


Happy New Year! Wishing you peace, health and wellness.

❤️ – The Kesey Family & all the folks at Springfield Creamery