Community & Family Life

Our Commitment to Our Community

The devastating events occurring in the Black community are a reminder about the injustice and racial inequality that surround us, bringing only pain and suffering to the world. As a family and a company, we’re listening, discussing, reflecting and learning.

It’s obvious that institutional and systemic change can’t happen without ongoing conjoined efforts. We’re committed to better educating ourselves on critical issues by listening to BIPOC communities across the country. It’s time to work in solidarity for a culture of inclusion. Springfield Creamery has donated to The Coalition of Communities of Color, which addresses socioeconomic disparities, institutional racism and inequity of services. We’ve also donated to The Center for Social Inclusion in support of a viable and fair food system that provides equal access to a healthy and affordable diet. This is a start, but it’s not enough. We continue to have conversations at home, at work and throughout our communities. Please join our commitment to work against injustice and racial inequality by sharing resources and supporting like-minded organizations.

Thank you. Be well and stay in touch.

-The Kesey Family, Springfield Creamery