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It’s About Time – Summer Signature Recipes

This year our spring lasted longer than usual. For a couple of extra months, we felt a little chilly and damp with rain, waiting patiently for the sun to arrive. In our optimism, we sat down and listed a few of the things we love about Oregon summers and gathering outside with family and friends.

For one, outdoor meals are a breeze. Whether we’re snacking along one of our favorite hiking trails or picnicking at a park nearby, nature’s venue is inherently beautiful. We always follow Leave No Trace principles but otherwise there’s no housekeeping involved. Who doesn’t love that?

For another, it’s fun to be together! Even in shorter periods of welcome sunshine, our favorite people tend to feel happier. With more vitamin D to go around, we can count on lots of good company this summer.

Lest we forget, picnics and cookouts are deliciously healthy. We often have a bounty of fresh fruits and garden veggies available, and the feel-good foods of summer are always simpler, tastier, and more beneficial when shared.

At long last, the sun is here! We hope it stays a while. Time to get our favorite summer recipes together as well as our family and friends. Traditional recipes for potluck dishes are dime-a-dozen but with Nancy’s as a key ingredient, our versions have become summer signatures loaded with live probiotics to help balance our digestion and support our overall health. We can’t keep secrets this good so, of course, we’re sharing them here.




Step outside and harvest a snack! We composed a colorful potato salad with seasonal radish and spring peas. Dressed in Nancy’s Organic Sour Cream, this one’s both beautiful and beneficial.

SNACK BOARD WITH GARLIC & HERB CREAM CHEESE SPREADOur family picnics are always casual, but no one would call them basic! We love making beautiful Snack Boards with Nancy’s Garlic & Herb Cream Cheese Spread and lots of seasonal munchables. This way, everyone gets to create their own delicious combos.

SUMMER VEGGIE QUESADILLAS WITH CHIPOTLE SOUR CREAMOur Summer Veggie Quesadillas are filled with real cheddar cheese and bursting with grilled summer flavors. Topped with a cool and creamy chipotle sauce made with Nancy’s Organic Sour Cream, this recipe calls for a garden party!



KIWI YOGURT POPSMelting in the heat? Our naturally sweet Kiwi Pops are super easy to make with fresh kiwi slices and Nancy’s Whole Milk Yogurt. Pack the freezer with colorful treats and you can stay cool in the shade until the sun goes down.

WATERMELON WHEEL WITH GRASS-FED YOGURT AND TOPPINGSEver wonder what sunshine tastes like? Slice a Watermelon Wheel into quarters and top each piece with a dollop of Nancy’s Organic 100% Grass-Fed Yogurt. We sprinkled ours with seasonal berries and cherries, plus crispy seeds, and dark chocolate shavings.


This time of year, we wouldn’t fire up the oven for just any recipe. Not only does this old fashioned Cobbler make use of fresh berries, but it’s also a scrumptious bed for cool, strawberry ice cream made with Nancy’s Organic 100% Grass-Fed Yogurt.

The sunshine may be fleeting, but we intend to soak up every drop! We cherish the memories we make each year with the people we love the most, and we’re always grateful for the good health that allows us to come together and enjoy nature. From our family to yours, we hope you’ll crave these timeless recipes for many summers to come!


With love, ❤️ – The Kesey Family & all the folks at Springfield Creamery