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Fall Feels – Warming Up for Weekday Meals

We’d love to say that cooler weather naturally sets us into meal prepping mode, but the fall transition isn’t always easy! Like most folks, we have a lot of priorities to manage this time of year. Because nourishing meals are essential, we lean into the wisdom, tips, and recipes we’ve gathered to help keep seasonal cooking a simple pleasure, especially during the week. We’re sharing them here and hoping your plans will go smoothly this fall, whether adjusting to the school routine, managing work priorities, finding yourself still working remote, or getting ready for the holidays. We’re doing all the above!



Using quality ingredients like whole grains, organic produce, and a variety of Nancy’s products is important for getting the most out of a good recipe. And with a little strategy, you can make cooking and baking easier while covering multiple meals in less kitchen time. For example, it’s easy to stay on top of breakfast and snacks with recipes like On-the-go Muffins with warm spices, dried fruit, and toasted seeds. This one lets you bake multiple batches at a time while prepping more for a rainy day! Bake some to eat this week, and more to freeze for next week. In the process, measure dry ingredients into jars for future batches. Keep them on hand for a jump on your next baking session or give one as a gift with the printed recipe and a tub of Nancy’s Whole Milk Yogurt.

Speaking of maximizing, versatile dishes like Delicata Lasagna let you mix and match Nancy’s Cottage Cheese with all kinds of fall produce so you can use what you have and keep dinner interesting throughout the season. Here, any squash or root vegetable will work in place of delicata, and spinach, broccoli or even brussels sprouts will stand in for kale. If you’re clever, you can have deliciously different bakes throughout the season!



Family time and meal prep don’t have to compete. School-aged kids can be great helpers in the kitchen and once everyone settles in for the task, it can be a lot of fun.

So, okay. Temperaments don’t always align perfectly, but can-do attitudes and foolproof recipes have really helped to bring our family closer over the last nineteen months or so. We promise, you’ll get there together! Plan a Sunday session to bag up school lunches and prep a couple of meals for the week, too. Meals taste better when everyone can feel proud of the work that went in, and the time saved will make mornings and weeknights feel more productive and relaxed.

Need a starting place? For a kid-made, crowd-pleasing weeknight meal, use our basic outline to create a Chicken Soft Taco Bar with Nancy’s Sour Cream. You can prep for the next morning’s Breakfast Burritos as you go!



Fall flavors are a sweet surprise in this warming soup made with pumpkin, apples, and a little chili. Served with a good dollop of Nancy’s Organic Whole Milk Kefir, this seasonal recipe is one to remember.

If texture is everything, then so is this recipe for Crunchy Granola Bark. It gives a little something sweet to Nancy’s Organic Yogurt and a whole lot of delicious crunch!

With caramelized onions, fennel and leeks over a filling made with Nancy’s Cream Cheese, these tempting Cream Cheese Tarts are an easy weeknight win.

As the days in Oregon get shorter, we’ll keep squirreling away wholesome recipes that can be easily prepped or batched to come together with more quality nutrition in less time. Having shared several of our fall favorites along with some tips, we hope you’ll continue to feel healthy and well-fed this season. If you can, be sure to catch some fleeting sunlight through the fall colors, as it is always a beautiful time of year.


As always, live well, and in good health,

❤️ – The Kesey Family & all the folks at Springfield Creamery