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Celebrate Solstice and Roll into Summer

The summer solstice brings beautiful imagery to mind, like wildflowers, fairies, fire, and magic. We might like to borrow these symbols for the sake of tradition but celebrating the longest day of the year can look different to each of us. Here, we’ll consider the meaning of solstice and a few ways we can transition to this year’s golden days of summer. And because all our celebrations involve healthy snacks, we’ll share a warm weather recipe, too.

On June 21st, the sun will reach its highest position in the sky. In Oregon, a long day of sunshine is cause enough to celebrate! But this time every year, our senses guide us along nature’s course for change. Rather than worrying or trying to control outcomes, it feels good to acknowledge that nothing is meant to stay the same. Like us, everything under the sun evolves with time.

What will your solstice celebration look like this year? We encourage you to harness the power of extra sunlight and reconnect with your essential self while setting intentions for growth. As the day approaches, decide on your personal rituals and a draw a plan to carry them out. In the meantime, we’ve gathered a few ideas you might consider.



Understandably, it can be difficult to react to life in the moment. How will the experiences you’ve had this year help you change for the better? Sitting quietly with a journal and pen in hand, the words may come faster than you think. Once you write down the stories that naturally rise up, you’ll more easily let them go. The past is the past. Burn the paper if you like, or simply turn the page.



RAINBOW RICE PAPER ROLLS AND MINT YOGURT DIPCooking lets us tap into our natural creativity to nourish those around us – another way of cleansing and renewal. Rice paper rolls are a fresh and cool option for summer solstice. Not only are they beautiful, but ours are dipped in a sauce made with Nancy’s Probiotic Greek Yogurt. So, they’re deliciously beneficial. And of course, they’re fun to make! You can even roll them during your celebration. Kids will really enjoy this colorful, edible form of expression.

You can use a variety of fillings for rice paper rolls, including colorful fruits, veggies, and herbs. One of our favorite recipes calls for all the above. No matter how you combine the fillings, Rainbow Rolls are always refreshing, especially with a cool and creamy Mint Yogurt Dip.



Lastly, summer gives us the chance to explore our natural surroundings and discover new things about ourselves. This year, many of us will welcome summer with an evening, guided by our family member, Ginger Kesey. This opportunity offers a meditation guided by sound to help support the body to rest, release and receive – something we can all use. Please join us if you can.

As a family, we also love to celebrate the light of summer with a hike up Mt. Pisgah, just outside of Eugene. There’s nothing more magical than arriving at the summit and watching the sun align through the sighting pedestal during the solstice. The pedestal was commissioned in memory of Jed Kesey, and built by sculptor and friend, Pete Helzer. Make the trek of you can, it is well worth it.

Any way you choose to celebrate, we hope you find joy as you roll into summer and make way for personal growth.


With love, ❤️ – The Kesey Family & all the folks at Springfield Creamery