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Probiotic literally means for life—and for good reason! These living microbial superstars stimulate our immune system and improve digestive function, for a balanced gut and good health.

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A balanced gut contains a broad range of beneficial bacteria, which is why Nancy’s delivers more than a dozen trusted probiotic strains with an array of health and wellness benefits.

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Nancy’s has been used clinically to help patients avoid hospital-acquired infections and recover more fully from surgery or illness.

It’s why medical professionals trust Nancy’s Yogurt and Kefir for their patients: Our broad spectrum of probiotic strains help promote good health and maintain a strong immune system.

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Nancy’s is believed to be the first yogurt in the United States to use probiotic L. acidophilus, all the way back in 1970. We’ve spent every day since refining our meticulous, scientific approach to delivering the most essential probiotic health benefits in every cup.

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When it comes to healthy probiotics, more is better—both higher counts and multiple strains. That’s why Nancy’s delivers tens of billions of live, beneficial bacteria in each serving. And you can always be sure you’re getting that amount—or even more.

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