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Recycling your Nancy's Containers

With the amount of plastic going into landfills, we hate that our products add to that waste. But our decision to use HDPE # 2 containers helps offset some of the negatives.

We remain committed to the high-quality HDPE #2 container for many reasons:

It is absolutely free of all chemical estrogens.
It is one of the few plastics really being recycled in many communities.
It does not migrate into foods.
It is an expensive, sturdy container that gets re-used many times, so much that it has earned the beloved nickname "Nancyware".


Our wonderful fans have come up with tons of great ideas for Nancysware - from storing leftovers, to paint brush cups, to upcycled easter baskets! Check out a Facebook page for even more great ideas.

You may find you have more "Nancyware" containers than I you ever reuse in your lifetime and may be stuck with a recycling center only takes small-necked containers. Here is we suggest: reuse is always best. We recommend sharing them with your friends, schools, plant nurseries, daycare centers, etc. If you are within a reasonable distance of Eugene, BRING Recycling center in Eugene will recycle them. Or you can do what some folks do - they box up their clean containers and send them back to us at the creamery and we recycle them at BRING.

Looking to the future

We are always scouring for innovations in plastics that improve on the recyclability of out cups - from bioware to other plastic materials. Our goal is and will always be to find a solution that is least impactful to our environment as possible.

What happened to the translucent Nancy's containers? They were great for storing leftovers because you could see what was inside.

The company that previously supplied our containers went out of business, and we were forced to find a new supplier. At the same time, we were developing our new container look. We elected to go with all-white containers because they look great on the store shelf. (The translucent ones gave off a "gray" look). We have, however, tried to be helpful by providing an area on the container to write what you have stored inside, whether it's olives, Play Dough or nails. You can also write the date in that space when you store your leftovers, because while we fully support the idea of cultured foods, not all "cultures" from the fridge are the ones you want!