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Sustainable before Sustainability was Cool

Locally-sourced, real food

We often remind ourselves of how fortunate we are to be able to source many of our fresh, natural and organic ingredients locally from nearby farms and businesses. We have actually done this from the start of our business in 1960 – carefully selecting ingredients that make sense for our company, our customers and our community. I guess you can say that, whether we meant to be or not, Springfield Creamery has been sustainable long before it was cool!



Those sturdy Nancy’s Yogurt containers have a fond following across the country- known to many as ‘Nancysware’ and are continually reused over and over again for anything from leftovers to paperclips. We continue to do our part in researching different plastic options for our yogurt containers, keeping abreast of new and emerging sustainable options. At this time, we continue to feel that the reusable HDPE #2 plastic grade containers are the best option. Also all Nancy’s containers are:

• Absolutely free of all BPAs and chemical estrogens.
• One of the few plastics really being recycled in many communities

So, we thank you for enjoying your Nancy’s and then finding the perfect way to reuse that Nancysware!


SolarPowerSolar Powered

At Springfield Creamery, yet another serious sustainability step has been taken by installing a 63.5 KW Solar Electric System at our plant. This allows us to generate some of our own power with the generous assistance of the sun’s rays.  Check out how much solar power we are making and the resources we are saving – all in live!