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Nancy’s for Food Service

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A full line of Natural and Organic Cultured Dairy- in bulk grab-and-go sizes

The Nancy's Difference

Nancy's Products are made with care by family owned and operated Springfield Creamery in Eugene, Oregon since 1960. For over 50 years, real food has been our passion.  All of our products are made with natural ingredients, only fresh articial hormone-free milk from local farms, and no artificial colorings, flavorings, or preservatives. 

We never use cane sugar and our products are all gluten free. And of course, all our products contain billions of live probiotics in each and every spoonful! 


Simply Pure and Delicious

Made with only fresh, local, artificial and hormone-free milk. Teeming with billions of live probiotic cultures, Nancy's dairy products are the highlight of breakfast buffets, bistro lunches or flavorful sauces and dressings.






Food Service Available Products

Choose from a full line of All Natural and Organic cultured dairy products- in sizes ranging from 6 oz to 5 gallons. Click here to download a full list of products and services.


Raise the Bar on Continental Breakfast

Our single serving 6 oz and 8 oz offerings are perfect for grab-and-go fare. With billions of live cultures and only natural and organic ingredients, our unique Fruit on top Yogurts, Organic Kefir, Organic Cottage Cheese Fruit on top and All Natural Yogurt make the perfect healthy snack for guests on the run.



The Perfect Kitchen Staple

An established and trusted staple in kitchens across the U.S., most of Nancy's Organic Natural Yogurts are unsweetened, making them ideal for cooking. You'll find that Nancy's Organic Whole Milk Yogurt is the perfect ingredient for the tasty Fettuccine dish from Portland, Oregon restaurant Nostrana.