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cowsOur Milk Sources

The story of our milk...

Local Dairy Farms with High Standards

Our conventional and organic milk supplies come from local Northwest dairy co-op members that are dedicated to bringing the best possible milk to market. Most are small family farms with an average herd size of 150 milking cows. Most of the farms are within a 50 mile radius of our Eugene, Oregon creamery.

No Pesticides or Antibiotics

The USDA bi-annually takes a random sample of all milk produced in the USA and tests for herbicides, pesticides and fumigants. For the last 12 years, none of these agents have been detected in any of our milk supplies. We also test each load of milk we receive for antibiotics and we do not accept milk with any trace of antibiotics.

No Synthetic Hormones in Our Milk

We are opposed to the use of recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) and will not purchase milk or powdered milk from cows that have been treated with this hormone, here is why:

  • rBGH is used to increase milk production by up to 20%. This over-production puts undue stress on the cows, potentially creating a need for antibiotics.

  • The long-term impact of introducing this synthetic hormone into the human population is completely unknown.

  • We presently have a milk surplus in this country -- synthetically increasing milk production should not be a goal.

  • The small family dairy farmer could ultimately be hurt as the milk supply increases and the price paid to the farmer goes down.

Organic Certification

We believe organic farming practices work in harmony with the land and promote long-term sustainability for of the health of the cows, the consumer, and ultimately, the planet. Our organic milk is certified under USDA guidelines by Oregon Tilth and the Springfield Creamery has been inspected and certified to process organic dairy products. Buying organic assures you that the milk has been produced in accordance with Organic Standards for pasture, feed, treatment of the cows, and handling by us.

Fresh Organic Soy Milk

We start with fresh, organic soy milk - never from powder - which is USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. We then fully culture the fresh soy milk with six vegan cultures to provide a delicious, non-dairy, yogurt-like treat.