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Soy Facts

Some further information on our Soy prodcuts

We take pride in our Cultured Soy - started from Nancy's own Amazake!

Our Recipe

Start with Oregon's Best Organic Soy Milk

  • Free of any pesticide or herbicide residues.

  • A source of soy Isoflavones and protein.

Blend in Organic Amazake

  • A traditional Japanese rice drink, naturally sweetened and made more digestible by the action of a vegan enzyme (amylase) on the organic brown rice.

  • To add a creamy texture and mask the "beany" soy flavor.

  • To compliment the soy protein and provide an additional complex carbohydrate.

Enrich the Soy-Rice Blend

  • With vitamin C and E -- powerful antioxidants -- to keep the soy flavor fresh, and to increase the nutrient value.

  • Add Calcium for additional nutritional benefit.

  • Add organic Kosher white grape juice concentrate, organic agave, or organic maple syrup to lightly sweeten.

  • Add agar-agar, a seaweed extract, for a light custard-.like texture.

  • Add the finest organic whole fruits, free of "other natural flavors" and extenders -- or enjoy it plain.

Culture with Beneficial Bacteria

  • Include traditional yogurt strains.

  • L. acidophilus for upper gastrointestinal tract health.

  • B. bifidum for lower gastrointestinal tract health.

  • Two additional probiotic cultures -- L. casei and L. rhamnosus.

  • All strains are grown in a lactose-free media.

  • And culture them at optimum growth temperatures, after pasteurization, to produce a living food.

Yield an Enjoyable Treat!

  • Vegan, non-dairy, cholesterol free, low sodium, gluten-free, Kosher, GMO-free and a good source of calcium.

  • An alternative to yogurt, yet contains live beneficial bacteria, vitamins, and soy Isoflavones.