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chuck yogurt pickOur Flavor Profile

Tart and tangy -what real yogurt should taste like

What are the benefits of a fully-cultured, tangy dairy product? Plain yogurt is generally an acquired taste that has many more health benefits than its over-sweetened milder cousins.

  • The longer the cultures are allowed to grow, the greater the number of beneficial microorganisms per gram. There is strength in numbers; therefore enjoy the tang!

  • Longer culturing converts the milk sugars (lactose) to lactic acid. Lactic acid lowers the pH of the digestive tract so that alkaline-loving, putrefactive organisms can't thrive.

  • Fully grown cultures stimulate and strengthen the immune system.

  • The cultures lower the lactose and shorten the protein chains in Nancy's dairy products, making Nancy's Yogurt easier to digest and providing the necessary lactase enzyme for other dairy digestion.

  • The tangy, tart flavor of Nancy's dairy products results in a yogurt with greater acidity, which assists calcium absorption and utilization, strengthening bones and teeth in the process.

  • Beneficial L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, L. casei, and L. rhamnosus organisms actually take up residence in the intestine, becoming part of the cell wall, thus not allowing bad organisms a location site there.

  • E.coli can't feed on the lactose nutrient if these probiotic cultures have already utilized it. Acidophilus is the nemesis of E.coli, through antibiotic-like activity.

Nancy's Yogurt and Dairy Products give you the very best yogurt, multitudes of health benefits, and a delightful tart and tangy flavor!

Nothing Artificial, Ever


Nancy's products are free of cane sugars. We only lighly sweeten our fruit yogurts with pure honey, white grape juice, or agave to ensure that all of our products are suitable for those with special dietary needs. Parents can be assured that our products are lower in sugars, compared to most commercial yogurt.

Stabilizers and Thickeners

Because we take the extra time to fully culture our products, they are naturally thick and creamy. We never add ingredients that are meant to stabilise or thicken dairy products. You can count on Nancy's for all natural, real food. Nothing that is 'man made'