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Absolutely nothing

   artificial ever!

Over 50 Years of Dedication

Our recipes came from Nancy’s home kitchen and we have stayed true to those methods. What does this mean for you? We never add commercial production ingredients to extend or thicken our products. We keep it simple - just pure milk or organic Soymilk and live cultures.


No Cane Sugars

Nancy's products are free of cane sugars. We only lightly sweeten our fruit yogurts with pure honey, white grape juice, or agave. Parents can be assured that our products are lower in sugars compared to most commercial yogurt.

No Stabalizers and Thickeners

Because we take the extra time to fully culture our products, they are naturally thick and creamy. We never add ingredients that are meant to stabilize or thicken dairy products. You can count on Nancy's being all-natural, real food.








Our Milk Sources

Fresh, local milk is the perfect start for Nancy’s natural and organic dairy products. All of our milk is guaranteed to be free of the artificial hormone, rBGH and comes directly from the farms to The Creamery each day.  Read More

MakingOfFruitFresh Fruit

Real fruits make the difference in Nancy’s products. We love the summer fruit seasons at The Creamery, as fresh local fruits will come in from the nearby farms each day and of course we need to sample!  Read More

ProbioticCountThe Importance of Probiotics

The Springfield Creamery and the Kesey family are known as Probiotic Pioneers They began adding the probiotic L. acidophilus to yogurt in 1970 because Chuck Kesey had researched probiotics and knew that the live bacteria had health benefits. Today, the culture continues, with multiple strains of clinically documented probiotics in each Nancy’s product ~ billions in every bite, a matter of fact!  Read More

Our Flavor ProfileMakingOfMilk

Taste the real taste of yogurt with Nancy’s, not an over sweetened version. We allow our cultures to fully grow offering abundant live cultures and all the health benefits they provide. A fully cultured product has a cultured tangy taste- enjoy unique flavor and the all the health benefits it can offer  Read More